Any Octave Vol. 4

The fourth volume of Any Octave has finally been unearthed after months of mining through compacted layers of dust, resin, magnetic tape, crystalized nutritional yeast... the list goes on. For the uninitiated: Any Octave is a subterranean screw-music mix series helmed by DG crew member Citymouth. Composed of cassette-processed RnB-inflected jams of all types, the material on Any Octave occurs in the liminal space between heavily processed edits and original production. The fourth installment of this series maintains the traditional two-side format, 15 minutes mixes per side with multiple zones. Side A has been custom space-authored by OLY's very own Maamoul Al-Hijaz, a producer/DJ and full spectrum rainbow fluent speaker of Zapf Dingbats. Side B is the complete co-creation of Northern Draw, a PDX-based producer who breathes vinyl dust and sleeps on a bed of broken 303s and 404s. Art for this edition has been supplied by Nick Sundial of Big Ear Tapes, an exquisite exercise in zone collage that reflects what you're about to hear.This mix is Vol. 4 of 99. It can be streamed, downloaded, or bought as a limited edition cassette. 

XXYYXX in Portland and Seattle

The crew will be supporting shows with XXYYXX across the Northwest this May. On Tuesday May 20th at Neumos in Seattle DJAO and Philip Grass will be supporting. The next day on Wednesday May 21st at Rotture in Portland Ghost Feet and Rap Class will be on as support. Click the images bellow for more info on a specific show.

Podcast Twenty Six

Podcast Twenty Six is here to descend form the cloud into your playlist. The first mix features lo-fi sonics by Sundial from Big Ear Tapes out of Gloucester, MA. Following up is our very own analog stalwart Citymouth with a mix flipped and tricked from borrowed vinyl. Artwork by Feral Fields .

Please download this episode and subscribe to the podcast series through iTunes. You can also directly download it here.

Sundial tracklist: 1. Sparkjonz Strat - High Fidelity Intro 2. Sundial - Playa 3. JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music snip 4. CHXFX - Zoiks snip 5. ush - reich.out 6. Laraaji - meditation#1 snip 7. Dem Hunger - Mosque Vibrations (MD ragamix) 8. M A R G A E U X - D I T / F. K U K 9. Lotide - you.asleep 10. Tropes - Welcome 11. Emdeetaype - brussle.snip

Citymouth tracklist: 1. Richard Burmer - Physics 2. Kit Watkins - Frames of Mind 3. Craig Leon - Ring With Three Concentric Circles 4. Inoyama Land - Mizue 5. Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser - Sunbeam 6. Argo - B3 from Discophonia 7. Guisher - I Saw My Room With No One In It 8. Sun Araw - Hey Mandala! 9. Edibles - Driftin'

Red Bull Curates

We are excited to be teaming up with Red Bull to provide the music for the Portland Red Bull Curates on Thursday 3/20 at Portland Art Museum. There will be 20 artists featured, each having uniquely painted a cooler, a hosted bar and DJ sets from Natasha Kmeto and Rap Class. Best part is that it is all free! RSVP here.

Philip Grass - Find EP

Philip Grass is the electronic project helmed by Burton Schaber and Ben Durfee. The two met in 2011 while studying at University of Massachusetts, and began to slowly and increasingly orbit developments in electronic music together, attending shows on a regular basis, until they began to collaborate on their own material. In late 2012 they moved to Portland, OR and were immediately welcomed into the Dropping Gems crew. Their sound is characterized by an uncompromising instinct for change, as shuffling drums and moody pitch-shifted vocals can give way to riotous synth chords, jazz samples, or any number of other possible vibes. One can usually best identify a Philip Grass track by the sense of nocturnal nostalgia that permeates their melodic sensibility. The duo explore these seeming incredible transitions during their live performances, triggering samples, drums, and often playing live keys, with an animated air that communicates just how busy they are on stage. Following up on a steady output of self-released singles and EP’s, “Find” is their first label release and a natural fit for the Dropping Gems catalog, featuring 4 tracks of their signature wonky style of blissed out beats.

Find is available now from all digital retailers including iTunes & Bandcamp.

1. All I Need 2. Mt. St. Helens 3. Find 4. Sun And Moon Dance

Machinedrum Vapor City Live 12/28

On December 28th we will be teaming up with our friends at Bubblin and RBMA to be part of Machinedrum Vapor City Live in Portland, OR at Refuge. On the bill from Dropping Gems are Natasha Kmeto, Break Mode, Ghost Dub of Ghost Feet and Shawn Don of Philip Grass alongside a tremendously strong group of locals from fellow crews PDneXt, Club Chemtrail and more, rsvp and info here.

Podcast Twenty Five

Podcast Twenty Five has arrived featuring two outstanding DJ mixes from NW based music aficionados to ease you into Fall. First up is Nathaniel Young, curator of the crucial Beatogether all-ages night and Blank Stairs collective from Portland. Contributing the second half of this podcast episode is Olympia, WA based Hobbess, also known as half of our very own Ghost Feet. Artwork by Nathaniel Young.

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Nathaniel Young tracklist: 1. Soliz - Skin Biter 2. Jar Moff - JMEP 3. Clay Wilson - Toe The Line 4. Alva Noto - Autoshape 5. Massacooraman - Venomous Drums 6. Nathaniel Young - ???(unreleased)

Hobbess track list: 1. Bibio - Sycamore Silhouetting 2. Kiln - Flycatcher 3. Deru - Hello 4. Monoceros - Monocrom 5. Lusine - Two Dots 6. Gouda Hoop - Range Four Harry 7. Automatic Thoughts - One Thousand Cycles 8. Calika - Stepping Out in Brogues

Decibel Festival 2013

This year for the 10th anniversary of Decibel Festival in Seattle DG artists will be playing at several events throughout the week. Thursday 9/26 Natasha Kmeto and Ghost Feet will be playing the Resident Advisor showcase and Saturday 9/28 DJAO will be playing the Hush Hush showcase. Additionally, Ghost Feet will be giving as presentation during the day on Friday 9/27 as part of the Ableton conference. Check out label head Aaron's guide to the festival on Earmilk and head on over to the Decibel site for a full listing of events.

Devonwho - Perfect Strangers

Dropping Gems is proud to present Devonwho's Perfect Strangers, available for the first time as a complete album, with new unreleased Strangers-style bonus material. Previously released in two volumes on Devon's personal Bandcamp over the course of 2012, Perfect Strangers is the artist's most satisfyingly diverse effort to date. Some tracks are uptempo bass intended for the club ("reds/blues," "cabbages ft. Swarvy"), while more laid-back ambient-hop cuts aim for the headphone set ("pretendingtowalkslow ft. Zeroh"), and still others cross nicely between the two ("makinglists").

Inspired by life in San Francisco and the rich electronic culture that thrives there, Strangers marks another milepost for one of our favorite working producers, and heralds a further diversification of his repertoire. In his own words, the tracks are "more purely expressive" of himself as an artist than anything previous, and explore new moods, some somber and melancholy, some energetic and joyful.

Perfect Strangers is available now on iTunes and via Bandcamp where you can also find limited edition cassette tapes.

Podcast Twenty Four

Podcast Twenty Four features two mixes from Northwest beat producers. Nice Nate, residing in Seattle comes at us with a refreshingly nostalgic setlist of mostly originals bubbling with vocal chops and hard hitting kick-snares. Next is Dropping Gems' very own Bone Rock who delivers a mysterious set of tracks that offer a very interesting rendition of classic hip-hop heaters. Sit back and enjoy this surely head-nodding collection of tunes. Artwork by Kaya Halil Sumer.

Please download this episode and subscribe to the podcast series through iTunes. You can also directly download it here.

Nice Nate tracklist: 1. Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar (nice nate Remix) 2. NICE&AO - JAWN THREEVE SIXTEEN 3. Nice Nate - yew.lxve 4. The Young Evils - Dead Animals (nice nate Remix) 5. Nice Nate - traynes&&& 6. NICE&AO - L.U.V.L.U.V. AGAIN 7. Nice Nate - gobstopper feat. Beatronome 8. Nice Nate - nite

Bone Rock track list: 1. Lord Finesse - You Know What Im About 2. Unknown - gunether 3. Nothern Draw ft DeadLanguage - fuse 4. Unknown - bolo 5. TKO Capone - King Koopa (Bone Rock RMX) 6. Slim Thug - Still Tippin' 7. Unknown - lasttwohundreddollars 8. Unknown - youagain 9. Busta Ryhmes - Woo Hah!! (Got You All in Check) 10. Unknown - maing 11. Unknown - damnear 12. Unknown - pulsimon 13. Linkin Park - In the End 14. Nice Nate - Moments 15. Sticky Fingaz - excerpt from American Rap Stars 16. Dr. Maxine Mimms - again&again&again 17. Common - I Used to Love H.E.R. 18. Unknown - magnetic 19. Unknown - magneticII 20. Lauren Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing) 21. Unknown - please 22. Unknown - titletrack

Natasha Kmeto - Crisis

On Crisis, the new LP from Natasha Kmeto, this siren of soulful bass charts her voyage into evermore personal territory, tapping into the raw energy of life in flux. The album narrates Kmeto’s experience from last year to yesterday, a time of upheaval and soul-searching. It's also a time of new relationships, of build ups and break downs, of the heat of love and the fever of love’s pursuit.

In much the same way that sparks can fly at the drop of a hat in public, only to smolder privately into something deeper, so too do the roiling synths storms of Crisis slip easily into a single drum and Natasha’s lone voice. The album happens at the intersection of ambition, confusion, exploration, and barely-bridled sexual energy. After the gyrating tumult of the album’s body runs its course, Kmeto delivers the listener into the dreamy playfulness of the final tracks, resolving the record into a sort of calm, for the moment.

In order to capture the feeling of these chaotic moments Natasha took an intentionally disciplined musical approach, selecting just a handful of sonic materials from which to construct to the album. The combination of classic synth and drum machines sounds blend seamlessly with her own timeless voice. And while the elements become familiar over the course of the album, they never really show up in the same way twice. Like with any substantial piece of art, however, the only true way for us to describe Crisis would be for us to sit you down and listen to it.

Crisis is available now on iTunes and via Bandcamp where you can also find limited edition cassette tapes.

Any Octave Vol. 2

Fresh from the subterranean rivers and lakes connecting the continents of our planet comes Any Octave Volume 2. Any Octave is a subterranean screw-music mix series helmed by DG crew member Citymouth. Composed of cassette and vinyl RnB jams reclaimed from the badlands, the material on Any Octave occurs in the liminal space between screwed-and-chopped edits and fully original production. Sonically, the compositions are ”of and about” the deep zone, heavily lo-fidelity and psychedelic, intended for your headphones or car or mountaintop, mainly designed for staring off into the distance. The second installment of this series features two 15-minutes mixes, Side A by New Zealand's $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 and Side B by the prolific, warble-obsessed throwback master, ohio-based Contact Lens. This mix is Vol. 2 of 99. It can be downloaded or bought as a limited edition cassette featuring special cs-only album artwork by the talented Geneva Snyder.