Any Octave Vol. 4

The fourth volume of Any Octave has finally been unearthed after months of mining through compacted layers of dust, resin, magnetic tape, crystalized nutritional yeast... the list goes on. For the uninitiated: Any Octave is a subterranean screw-music mix series helmed by DG crew member Citymouth. Composed of cassette-processed RnB-inflected jams of all types, the material on Any Octave occurs in the liminal space between heavily processed edits and original production. The fourth installment of this series maintains the traditional two-side format, 15 minutes mixes per side with multiple zones. Side A has been custom space-authored by OLY's very own Maamoul Al-Hijaz, a producer/DJ and full spectrum rainbow fluent speaker of Zapf Dingbats. Side B is the complete co-creation of Northern Draw, a PDX-based producer who breathes vinyl dust and sleeps on a bed of broken 303s and 404s. Art for this edition has been supplied by Nick Sundial of Big Ear Tapes, an exquisite exercise in zone collage that reflects what you're about to hear.This mix is Vol. 4 of 99. It can be streamed, downloaded, or bought as a limited edition cassette.