Bone Rock - Ears

Dropping Gems is proud to present GEM005, the long awaited release of Bone Rock's full-length album EARS. Countless hours, records, and MPC chops have gone into this 24-track jazz-infused exploration of hip hop's future, the defining statement in a discussion that began with the release of the "Bone Rock EP" in 2010. EARS represents a highly personal journey through the spiritual connection between people, their instruments, and their natural surroundings. More than half the tracks pay tribute to influential artists that, in their own way, have spoken to this connection and explored its contours themselves. The end result is a prismatic reflection of music's past & future as seen through the basement laboratory windows of the present. Head-crack snares included on most beats.

Handmade limited pressing CD's with artwork by Bone Rock and digital download available now on Bandcamp.