Citymouth - Holodecker EP

In preparation for his forthcoming full-length, Dropping Gems presents resident brain-in-a-jar Citymouth’s Holodecker EP, a five track selection of new and unreleased material. Fans of his live show will recognize several reliable classics, but for the rest of the world, these tracks are an intro to the development of one of our crew’s finest.

The Holodecker EP represents an early sampling of the current satellite-relay transmissions we believe to be authored by reclusive beat-futurist Citymouth. Held within these 5 tracks are the ancestral memories of wars fought between robo-tribes (“Fingercrampz,” “Planetsquat”), miracles beheld between bulkheads (“Sepakulive”), love baked between transistors (“Holodecker”), and docking procedures choreographed between ships which have long since dissolved into the endless rings of space debris that encircle our planet (“Nimbusfloor”). The pace alternates between frenetic and contemplative, depending on which chemicals your spacesuit nutria-tube is currently feeding you. You try to turn the knob but it’s covered in grime. You expect to hear ticking but instead perceive beeping. You’re blazed in the habitat ring. You vaporize as Earth becomes a distant memory inscribed in grease upon the plate-metal wallpaper. Five tracks later you reassemble, subtly altered, and try to decide whether you’ll press rewind.

Holodecker is available for free download and limited edition cassette tape over at our Bandcamp.

A-Side: Fingercrampz Holodecker Planetsquat

B-Side: Sepakulive Sliding Down Rainbows (Nimbusfloor version) CS only bonus: Holodecker (Brownbear version)

Artwork by Mark Junkunc Mastered by Twerk @ Audible Oddities