Gem Drops

Dropping Gems is proud to announce the compilation album Gem Drops, our sixth release. As a central goal of the project, 100% of the revenue from Gem Drops will be donated to the American Cancer Society to support cancer research.

We’ve assembled 21 tracks of amazing new material that expresses everything we love about experimental electronic hip-hop-inspired music today. We went to those we trust: friends, family, and artists from all corners of the U.S. who push boundaries and infuse their work with heart and soul. Gem Drops brings together a diverse array of styles, but remains focused on spotlighting the kind of future-sound sensibility that makes modern music worth listening to.

The album is available as a "name your price/donation" download on our Bandcamp page. We also have a very limited run of handmade CD's with artwork available for those who donate $15 or more.

yuk. - Sundaze [audio:]

Devonwho - Brushmetal [audio:]

Tracklist: 1. Ankaa – Tabouli 2. Anenon – Myriad Multiples 3. Citymouth – Circuits Circuits 4. yuk. – Sundaze 5. DJAO – Shore Ghost 6. Culp – Coke N Guns 7. Bone Rock – Karmelwave 8. DTCPU & Filthy Ingredients – The Shaker 9. Juj – Kale Jams 10. Connie Hawkins – Closer To That Situation 11. WD4D – Black Body Glow 12. Gumar – Shift 13. Brownbear – Orginal Face (Timeboy Mix) 14. Natasha Kmeto – Embraces 15. Devonwho – Brushmetal 16. AL_PD – Lime Leaf 17. Shigeto – Cupids In Mud Puddles 18. Ghost Feet – siq 20 19. Sumsun – Stay FRESH Young 20. The Great Mundane - Solar Food 21. Ages – A Coney Island (Of The Mind)

Artwork by Robert Pellicer Mastered by Twerk @ Audible Oddities Curated by Aaron Meola