Natasha Kmeto - Dirty Mind Melt

Who better to set off 2013 than Natasha Kmeto? The futuristic soul producer’s take on bass heats up with “Dirty Mind Melt,” an all-ace 4 track EP seated squarely at the intersection of dance, soul, and experimental electronic music. Think old hotel rooms, neon lights, romantic obsessions, car chases, basement clubs, and a sky filled with commuter hovercraft, all in the course of a single evening. Dedicated fans already know the extent to which these tracks power Natasha’s electrifying live show, and we’re happy to finally present them to the world at large. You can grab the release from our Bandcamp, where you’ll also find t-shirts and tanks featuring the EP cover art, designed by the much-admired LA-based artist Miko Revereza.

Tracklist: 1. Pleasure Delay 2. Dirty Mind Melt 3. Contranym 4. He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Dirty Mind Melt will be available 2/19/13 from all digital retailers and our via Bandcamp.