Natasha Kmeto - The Ache

The Ache is the first in-house release from our newest crew member Natasha Kmeto, showcasing a bold and frankly amazing new direction for the accomplished artist. After several years of creating progressively more advanced music, Natasha has arrived to deliver what is easily her best work to date, an ambitious foray into beats, bass, exotic samples, analog synths, and immaculately crafted textures, with her voice covering the entire affair like hot butter. The feel is hardly cluttered, though, and could possibly be our cleanest and most R’n’B inflected release to date, a shining example of what she’s got us calling “futuristic soul.” In contrast to some of our other material, The Ache is a lot like something you might hear on the radio, except about a dozen steps ahead, exactly where the music on the radio should be.

The Ache is available for digital download on iTunes in addition to Bandcamp, where you can also find limited edition CD's.

"She literally stopped me in my tracks when I heard this" - Mary Anne Hobbs

Download 'Detox Saturday' on XLR8R.

Tracklist: 1. Big Face 2. This Is For You 3. Not Perfect 4. Snake Charmer 5. Ouzo Fade 6. Valley 7. The Ache 8. Detox Saturday 9. Snake Charmer (The Great Mundane Remix) 10. The Ache (Letherette Remix) 11. Detox Saturday (Danny Corn Retox)

There will be a free release party at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR on Sunday, February 19th featuring The Great Mundane, Timeboy and Danny Corn. RSVP and more info here.