Orbit - gem003

Orbit - gem003 is now available for download on iTunes and CD's are available in our online store or from Anthem Records in Portland for $10. We've spent the past three months working on this compilation which features 16 tracks from 13 artists. Release show tomorrow 6/5 in Olympia at the Midnight Sun!!

DJAO - Battle In Atlantis Bone Rock - Future Blues Citymouth - Sepaku Live The Great Mundane - War Snails Brownbear - Sweettooth Gumar and his Magical Midi Band - Sliding Down Rainbows Soft Metals - Another Goodbye Breakmode - Celestial Sound Organ Grinder - Halfway House Y-Bot and the Intergalactic Trio - Lost in the Midwest Rap Class - The Caveman Citymouth - Sittymoth Brownbear - Broken Robots Nervous - Suave Blanco Rap Class - All My Problems Floating Away Apollo Belvedere - Saturday Afternoon