Podcast Twenty Five

Podcast Twenty Five has arrived featuring two outstanding DJ mixes from NW based music aficionados to ease you into Fall. First up is Nathaniel Young, curator of the crucial Beatogether all-ages night and Blank Stairs collective from Portland. Contributing the second half of this podcast episode is Olympia, WA based Hobbess, also known as half of our very own Ghost Feet. Artwork by Nathaniel Young.

Please download this episode and subscribe to the podcast series through iTunes. You can also directly download it here.

Nathaniel Young tracklist: 1. Soliz - Skin Biter 2. Jar Moff - JMEP 3. Clay Wilson - Toe The Line 4. Alva Noto - Autoshape 5. Massacooraman - Venomous Drums 6. Nathaniel Young - ???(unreleased)

Hobbess track list: 1. Bibio - Sycamore Silhouetting 2. Kiln - Flycatcher 3. Deru - Hello 4. Monoceros - Monocrom 5. Lusine - Two Dots 6. Gouda Hoop - Range Four Harry 7. Automatic Thoughts - One Thousand Cycles 8. Calika - Stepping Out in Brogues