Podcast Twenty Six

Podcast Twenty Six is here to descend form the cloud into your playlist. The first mix features lo-fi sonics by Sundial from Big Ear Tapes out of Gloucester, MA. Following up is our very own analog stalwart Citymouth with a mix flipped and tricked from borrowed vinyl. Artwork by Feral Fields .

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Sundial tracklist: 1. Sparkjonz Strat - High Fidelity Intro 2. Sundial - Playa 3. JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music snip 4. CHXFX - Zoiks snip 5. ush - reich.out 6. Laraaji - meditation#1 snip 7. Dem Hunger - Mosque Vibrations (MD ragamix) 8. M A R G A E U X - D I T / F. K U K 9. Lotide - you.asleep 10. Tropes - Welcome 11. Emdeetaype - brussle.snip

Citymouth tracklist: 1. Richard Burmer - Physics 2. Kit Watkins - Frames of Mind 3. Craig Leon - Ring With Three Concentric Circles 4. Inoyama Land - Mizue 5. Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser - Sunbeam 6. Argo - B3 from Discophonia 7. Guisher - I Saw My Room With No One In It 8. Sun Araw - Hey Mandala! 9. Edibles - Driftin'