Rap Class - Greatest Hits

Dropping Gems is proud to present a long time project that’s finally come to fruition: Rap Class’ Greatest Hits. This journey into sample-chopping takes the practice to a place it doesn’t often go, a next-level of unyielding sideways angles and pyramidal inversions. Created on an all-hardware set-up over a period of years, Greatest Hits harkens back to a deeply personal time in Rap Class’ life, an unmediated period of innocence “when the dopest electronic music I heard was in a Dockers commercial or in a trailer for a movie,” as he puts it. While genre labels could apply to any of the tracks, the music is the product of a singular electronic voice, one that few, if any, other producers could even attempt to reproduce. Encapsulated in each track is a sense of irrepressible restlessness, change in its rawest form, and a willingness to jump forward, backward, or to either side whenever required. The work also captures a fascinating middle ground between pre-internet and post-internet sensibilities, an image of music with only one purpose: itself.

Greatest Hits is available as a limited run cassette tape and digital via Bandcamp.

"When You're With A Girl" featured on Dublab "Brothers Superhero" featured on XLR8R

Tracklist: 1. I Am Around 2. I Don't Care 3. John K 4. Having An Orgasm 5. Patience 6. Getting Stoned 7. When You're With A Girl 8. Brothers Superhero

Join us Friday, August 22nd for a release party at Groove Suite in Portland, OR featuring Time Wharp, M. Constant, D Poetica, Gumar and Brownbear. RSVP and more info here.