Sonic Router

We were recently interviewed and invited to do a mix for London based Sonic Router. The in depth write up can be regarded as Dropping Gems 101, and gives background info as to the crew's philosophy and process. Big thanks to Keith Pishnery and Oli at SR for making this happen, we feel honored to have been asked to contribute!

The mix contains exclusive and unreleased material from the whole crew.

1. Citymouth – Singlecycles 2. Brownbear – Pretty Mouth 3. Bone Rock – Chalmers 4. DJAO – Towards The Sun w/ Gumar 5. Brownbear – Empty Jars 6. Brownbear – Wings 7. Bone Rock – First Light 8. Gumar and His Magical Midi Band – Sliding Down Rainbows (Sumsun Remix) 9. DJAO – Pacific City 10. Ghost Feet – Top Papez 11. The Great Mundane – Mustache 12. DJAO – Underbrush 13. Citymouth – Neighborhoodcults 14. Ghost Feet – Bog 15. Hobbes – Telepathic Grasshopper Twins ft. Citymouth 16. Matthewdavid – Dropping Gems 17. Gumar and His Magical Midi Band – Through The Clouds