Bone Rock


Jesse Callahan’s homegrown, self-proscribed northwest pacifism led him past the shores of Illinois up the face of Mt. Illeanor to the Palace of Illastine where he discovered the spirit of Bone Rock. Bone Rock, like music, is invisible. Together the two created the Dropping Gems releases Bone Rock EP and EARS. Jesse (under the name Nag Champa) has previously hosted The Soul Story Hour on Olympia’s KAOS radio, and can be heard monthly hosting The Dropping Gems podcast series. He has a passion for public radio, enjoys mixing records, and loves writing poetry, but more often than not spends his time making beats. Always working on new ideas, Jesse’s eclectic style can be heard on a number of projects including (but not limited to) Noceana, Sexual Effectuals, Fashion Plaza, Y-Bot and The Intergalactical Trio, and of course, Bone Rock