Ghost Feet

Photo by Patti Miller

Photo by Patti Miller

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Ghost Feet is an experimental band wandering the frontiers of electronics, post-rock, post-IDM, and post-sunset. Theirs is a spacious atmospheric zone, prone to the dreamy as much as the nightmarish. Formed in Olympia, WA and currently working out of their home studio in Portland, Oregon, multi-instrumentalist/producer members Hobbess (Calvin Erdal) and Qloq (Rachel Dubuc) draw no lines in finding sources for their signature dusky sound filled with glitchy head-nodding ambience. Keyboards, guitars, bass, drum machines, percussive instruments of any type, field recordings, heavy sampling, re-sampling, fx processing, chopped up vocals, the list of things goes on and continues to expand.

Their live show is as central to the band’s ambitions as the studio work, and as such the duo seeks to recreate their experimentation on stage as organically as possible. Two major elements contribute to this goal: guest musicians and plenty of room for improv. A phantom third element are the years of gigging to which the band, in various configurations and lineups, has relentlessly dedicated themselves. For audience members, a space is created where they can appreciate the stage work on many levels, kinetic to intellectual, but also get in touch with the workings of their inner self, a space for reflection.

Ghost Feet has shared the stage with Actress, XXYYXX, Tycho, Zola Jesus, Eskmo and Shigeto to name a few. Notable live performances include Decibel Festival, What The Festival and Red Bull Sound Select. Their work has received positive coverage from outlets including xlr8r, Resident Advisor, Ear Milk and Noisey.