Ghost Feet

Photo by Patti Miller

Photo by Patti Miller

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Ghost Feet is an electro-acoustic duo composed of Calvin Erdal and Rachel Dubuc. The release of thier debut EP Wires and Chords on Dropping Gems has introduced a world of listeners to their brand of glitchy head-nodding ambience. Receiving coverage and acclaim from notable sources all over the internet, including XLR8R and Resident Advisor, Wires has demonstrated the spectrum of emotions the duo are capable of commanding. Their live show takes things a step further, introducing audiences to a full experience sometimes only implied on record. As Calvin recreates the busy percussion and Rachel strums out dusky melodies on her guitar, the tones and rhythmic shape of their music take on a massively visceral quality. The effect on the members of the audience is clear to anyone in attendance: dancing and hypnosis, to be found in equal measure.

The two first met after leaving their respective hometowns of Santa Ana and Houston to attend The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. They brought their individual musical talents with them, and it wasn’t long before they began to run in the same circles and eventually collaborate together. It was a particular rainy afternoon in May 2010 that brought Calvin’s drum programming and sound design together with Rachel’s guitar playing, and the sonic potential immediately showed audible result. For the next several months the two wrote songs and developed their live show at local house parties. In early 2011 they were asked to perform alongside the Dropping Gems crew at their Olympia Showcase, delivering an astonishing high-energy performance, and not long afterwards they were invited to join up with DG as permanent members. Their future plans include a full-length LP and continuing to deliver the live Ghost Feet experience to hungry audiences.