Podcast Twenty Seven

Were excited to be launching a new Podcast format with this episode! Instead of the normal 2 mix format, mix twenty seven is the first installment by a single artist.

DJ Hojo is a stalwart of the Seattle scene and member of both the Customs Crew, City Hunters and various other solid affiliations. We're excited to showcase his contribution here, featuring slowed and throwed Asian bangers. Dig in!

As usual please download this episode and subscribe to the podcast series through iTunes. You can also directly download it here.

Artwork by Sundial of Big Ear Tapes.

Tracklist: 1. Mariya Takeuchi - 不思議なピーチパイ (Mysterious Peach Pie), 2. EXO-M - 月光 (Moonlight), 3. Girl's Day - Don't Mind, 4. Avec Avec - Day By Day ft. Yuri Nakae, 5. 2BiC - 나이기를 (Promise You) (Piano Ver.), 6. B1A4 - Seoul, 7. Andy Lau - 繼續談情, 8. Jay Park - 전화기를 꺼놔 (Turn Off Your Phone), 9. Perfume - Perfect Star Perfect Style, 10. Jake H. Concepcion - Girl Talk