Podcast Thirty Two

Episode thirty two in our podcast series features a special all original mix from Raido, hailing from Coast Rica. Raido's international talents really shine through within and we're excited to be able to share these awesome tracks featuring bit crushed beats, funky anthems, classic hip-hop swings and some rad vocals to top it off. Be sure to also check out his label and collective, Top Cats.

Please download this episode and subscribe to the series via iTunes. You can also directly download this mix here.

1. Aether
2. Broken Gardens
3. Distant Fires
4. Hierro ft. Felipe Perez
5. Blue Sunset
6. Bright
7. Lost Kitsune ft. Carpet Head
8. Sonder
9. Low Key ft. Jesse Baez
10. 哀れ (Aware) part. 1