Podcast Twenty Three

Podcast Twenty Three features mixes from two sizzling dance music producers coming from our home-base in Portland. The first set comes from Miracles Club, delivering a highly energized setlist of sparkly house. Next, our very own Breakmode delivers us a driving collection of future-funk tracks that will surely break through the clouds and bring the summer you've been waiting for. The next hour will surely make you feel at ease and be a forecast for the months to come. Artwork by Kaya Halil Sumer.

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Miracles Club tracklist:
1. That Magik (Bobby Browser Remix) - C.L.A.W.S. 2. Transmit - Jason Kendig 3. Chango (Leech Club Mix) - The Miracles Club 4. Nite Birds - Poisonous Relationship 5. Lonely Sea (Emotion II Emotion Remix) - Alexis Blair Penney 6. Ex Sited (Vakula Remix) - Garben Eden 7. VI - Temples 8. Believe (C.L.A.W.S. Night Mix) - Finesse

Break Mode tracklist: 1. Silver - Break Mode 2. We Go Straight Ahead - LeSale 3. Buoyant Voyage (Break Mode Dreamix) - Acid Farm 4. Take Your Time (Break Mode Doin’ It Right Re-work) - SOS Band 5. Morning Edit - Break Mode 6. Roland Times - Etbonz